Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Wedding In The Works...

As Allen and I were just finishing getting the furniture together in our guest room the Berry dings to me. I head into the living room and see "Mom" on the screen.
I click open the message, a picture, "I said yes!"
Wait..........WHAT!?!......I look at the picture again.....and sure enough it's what I thought it was!
So I am now planning a wedding, didn't I just do this? lol We're thinking June on the beach, a small "just us" kinda thing. I told her I thought I knew an awsome photographer I could hook them up with. ;)
Internet, I'd like you to meet my Mom and soon-to-be Step-Dad, Thom. I took these at Coquina Beach just a few days before my wedding. I heart the beach, OBX I can't wait for summer!

Love you guys!

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