Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Loves & Purrs

Today was pretty much a lazy day. I did two webinars and washed the dishes, big accomplishment for me.
I detest the dishes.
I walked to the bedroom to check up on my meows and I just couln't resist. They were just being soo stinking cute! Even though the boys have only been with me a few months they've learned to love the camera. These guys make me happy, my heart melts for all the purrs and headbutts and licks.
Meet Shy Kitty, or The Bandit as my husband has TRIED to rename him. They actually sleep under the bed like this. lol

You know cats are supposed to be all graceful and light on their feet.....not these two. They are the clumsiest and heavy footed things I have ever seen. Like you can hear them walk, just walking.

Meet Smokey, my green eyed fluffer.
You don't get the full effect here, but he is massive and has a lion mane!

He's so goofy and bow legged you can't help but love him!

And my Princess, Nyla Ann.
She may be small, but believe me, she runs the show.

She may be my baby, but she LOVES her daddy and he LOVES her even if he'll only say "she's ok"

My kids......they make me happy.

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