Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why I Want A Seat At The Workshop Experience

I think it's pretty obvious considering the sad state of this blog that's been "under construction" since........2010. Yeah, about that. :) Anyway, let's get to the "why". Two years ago I decided to take the plunge and see if I could take my interest anywhere. All the official paperwork was done, I was ready to take on the world. I was motivated, eager to learn. I did pretty well that 1st year for a new kid taking baby steps into this world of photography.

Towards the end of that year my focus shifted slightly, Allen and I were trying to start a family and it was becoming more and more apparent that we were going to need help. We were quickly blessed with our miracle thanks to the amazing team at the New Hope Center and began the year on pins and needles....along with lots of nausea ;) Year 2 I was shifting more and more into growing and preparing for baby and photography slowly got farther away.

Thanks to Sharon Elizabeth Photography

A fabulous birth......

.....and a precious baby girl!!

I was over the moon to have been able to attend Justin & Mary's Walk Through A Wedding last March, I was excited and quitely tucked away lots of juicy little tidbits for after baby arrived. I had a wonderful time with Katelyn and Sharon and of course Justin, Mary and J2!

This brings brings me into year 3 and now that Brynden is almost 5 months old (holy crap!) Im still stuck. Im in a rutt, Ive devoted everything to starting a family, growing a baby and being a new mom. I need a jump start, motivation, inspiration....a spark. I know that Katelyn can give me that and Im ready for it!!

Brynden Mahryn at 4 months

Thank you for this opportunity Katelyn! I hope you'll take into consideration it took me 2 days to do this and there may or may not be tiny spit droplets on my computer screen at the moment ;) Someone has figured out how to blow raspberries. <3